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How Do You Back Up Your Data?

 image via fuzzcat on Flickr

When my MacBook was just a year old it died.

I lost everything that wasn't saved in email or online somewhere. So I went out and bought an external hard drive that was big enough for me and all my data to grow into.

There is one problem.

It's still a hard drive.

During a recent visit to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store I learned that a hard drive, is a hard drive, is a hard drive and,


"It's not a matter of IF it will die, only WHEN it will die."

 So now I'm on a search for a back up of my back up and I'm wondering what other small business owners and home office hustlers do?


Single versus Dual Redundancy

George Holt, lead designer at Idea-ware uses Time Machine and an Apple Time Capsule which has a terrabyte hard drive and is Wi-Fi based so all of his home office computers are backed up automatically.


"Because I have the same data on the Mac and on the Time Capsule I would hope that both wouldn't die at the same time. But yea, I just have single redundancy, not dual."


image of Apple Time Capsule via Ethan Bloch on Flickr

Idea-ware president, JP Laqueur has a slightly different set up. He uses Time Capsule as well but he also periodically copies various important files over to a second external hard drive just in case the Time Capsule fails.


Online Back Up Services

As an Apple customer I have the option of having a MobileMe account. For just $99 a year I can store my email, contact, calendar online, but I also have 20 GB of storage space using iDisk. After the Genius Bar revelation I immediately copied the most important files to my MobileMe iDisk account. I can upgrade the iDisk storage to 40 or even 60 GB if I decide to start storing photos and video there. Currently we keep all of our family photos on

Mashable recently wrote about a new cloud storage company that offer 7G of space for free. This might not be enough to back up your whole system but It's enough to backup your most important files like financial and tax information. There are a ton of online backup companies so I'd love to know if you have had a good or bad experience with any in particular.


According to my techy friends on Twitter...

Kris Cain of Little Tech Girl (aka: @LittleTechGirl)

"I use externals for backups, but I do keep some stuff on @Dropbox that I go back and forth to a lot."

Corvida Raven of (aka @Corvida)

"I personally don't do backups. Most of my stuff is in the cloud via gmail."

**Help the Hustlers**

Have you experienced any back up failures?

What is your home office back up system look like?