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I Want for My Office

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Virtual Office View: Gaylord National Convention Center

I'm at the Gaylord National for the Blogalicious conference and found a very cozy chaise to park myself in-between sessions.






People I know walk by and I'm easily tempted to stop them and start a conversation

I'm so comfortable I may nap


Home Office FAIL: Careful Where You Rest Your Phone

Like many of you who have had to set up a home office in a spare bedroom, I lack a lot of clear table space.

While I'm neurotic about where I place my coffee and water, sometimes my printer has to act as an end table for things like my iPad or iPhone. Except that today I learned that even THAT can be dangerous.

Today my printer tried to eat my iPhone!

Gee, what could possibly be causing this paper jam?

My first thought?

Oh GOD my beloved PHONE! I panicked as I tried to wiggle the phone out of the mouth of the printer. Was it broken, or worse, dead? Was I breaking it by trying to remove it? My thoughts kept spinning to that tool, the Jaws of Life, that EMS people use to peel away car tops and get to injured people stuck in cars.

image of Jaws of Life via Wikimedia

Then I calmed down, tugged a little harder, and it popped out.

You will be happy to know both the phone and printer still work.

And, I'm shopping for a proper end table.


Virtual Office View: Panera


This is the place I come when I just need to get out of the house for a few hours.

Good coffee (and food)
Comfy booths with high sides feel a little like a cubical but cozier

Can get crowded and they don't have a lot of outlets
Distractions include food and people watching
Table to chair height not ergonomically designed and my carpal tunnel kicks in after a while


Virtual Office View: Public Library

Public Library, Young Adult Section



Zero Distractions (no food or drink allowed)

Biking Distance from Home

Interesting Artwork



No Food or Drink Allowed

Seats Are Not the Most Comfortable

Reminder That I Owe $16 in Overdue Books